Last live last year

Hey! This is the variety channel of 9OutOfBen where I do whatever the fuck I want :P

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I'm pretty much an all out nerd :P avid pokemon fan, straight A student, 1st place LD debater in my region, and insane insomniac. This channel is dedicated to variety gaming! If you are interested in my main channel where I play ptcgo go check it out! [9999ben9](https://www.twitch.tv/9999ben9). I am an enthusiastic and kind hearted person who will do anything to help you enjoy your day! If you enjoy the stream, please click the heart button to follow and become part of the Phantom Knight Nation! <3
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1. Always have respect for myself and all other viewers. 2. Do not spam 3. No posting links of non-relevant websites 4. Be cool. Don't do stupid stuff in general. Please don't make me have to add more to this list. I don't want to add more rules then this so don't abuse the streams and I wont make it strict
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I don't, in any way, want to be a streamer that asks or begs for donations, so feel absolutely NO obligation to do so at all. This is simply if you decide that you want to help me create a better stream, then you can donate :) Right now, each dollar that is donated contributes to either adding or subtracting from a pushup counter. Each donation is 5 pushups with each dollar amounting to 2 additional pushups. You may choose to add or remove from the pushup counter to either help me or torture me with your hard earned money :P As of July 1st, a minimum of 10% of all donation revenue will go to a charity of my choice at the end of the month each month :D