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Bad jokes, worse game play. Come chill. Monday - Thursday. Weekends are up in the air.


>- I'm Sean, aka 3volver. I'm always playing a game so I figured I'd do it here. >- I'm typically on weekdays around 8 EST. >- Everyone is welcome, follow if you'd like to. Or just creep from behind the bushes. Whatever you're comfortable with.
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>- All my my things are made by me. Otherwise will be specified here.
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>- Rarely do I tweet, I honestly created an account for this. I mean, find me there and I'll reply.

sound commands

Use these commands to interact with the stream =) >- !alert >- !applause >- !boo >- !check >- !combobreaker >- !confused >- !daddychill >- !death >- !distinguished >- !failhorn >- !fart >- !fbi >- !gotcha >- !gotem >- !groovy >- !hisean >- !hot >- !joke >- !jp >- !lol >- !myman >- !recordscratch >- !sheep >- !suprise >- !titanic >- !titties >- !turtles >- !victory >- !what >- !wow
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>- Documentation of what I'm playing or plan to play. >- Also I like to make some funny shops
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>- I try to edit down some streams and throw them up here. Still a work in progress as I learn to edit.