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"You always make each day such a special day. You know how? By you just being you" fred rogers

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shoutout to all the great people who made this journey possible. you know who you are!

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About me!

My Name is Klaus, people know me as 4cid or acidwave. I was born in 85 and grew up in carinthia/Austria (Kärnten/Österreich) where i still live in a smallish town on the southern end of the state close to Italy and Slovenia. The past years I've mainly focused on the poker and before that i was playing Guild Wars 1 with a group of very nice people (mostly PvP, Heroes Ascent, i reached Rank 10). I was always very interested in Computer stuff so i know the one or the other thing about that but didnt keep going for it. poker has become my passion and i love to play it. Whats more important is i met a lot of people through poker and made friends with a few. I'm stay-at-home bc few years ago i developed Depression and later some form of Schizophrenia. Yes, you read that right, i sometimes halluzinate, get paranoid and anxious. This is not easy to handle and sometimes im just gone for a few days to up to a few weeks. I have to spend time in hospital till the worst is over if i cant stop this. On the other side, I've learned a lot about myself and others through this sickness and it made me the man i am today. I always try to improve and work on my issues and twitch helped me to get my social anxiety out of the way. i can be weird at times though ;-) I learned to be an electrician in the power supply field and worked as such for a few years till the sickness hit me hard. Now i focus on having a nice time and keeping my sh*t together :-) Enough said, if you have any questions hit me up in chat, discord invites go out to regulars on the channel aswell. tough situations don't last, tough people do! peace and gl