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Since I'm starting back up streaming again, I'm making the ole discord public again. Anyone who wants to join feel free to do so!


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The rules are, #1 - Feel free to talk about your own stream and promote your things that need promoting. #2 - Don't be a diva or a jerk. #3 - Please no spoilers or hints on the adventure games unless you are going in blind. If you have ideas you want to run past me I'm completely cool with that, but if you know what the solution is, please don't mention it. That's about it. common sense stuff. I really am interested to know if you are a streamer. Nothing makes me feel worse than making a friend in my stream and months later figuring out that they are a streamer. I love making friends and supporting each other.

CHX Collective

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Do you like amazing things that look cool? Well check out this page from our friend CHX42. Custom T-shirts and more done by incredible artists. discount codes 4isteven - $2.00 off any apparel purchase of at least $15 (limit one use) 4isteven_setup - Free Minimum setup on custom shirt order (limit one use) $5 value put the code in during checkout


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I have been lazy and have not updated some of my runs on I usually highlight all of my pb's. I will Start updating pbs and submitting them again. The Legend of Zelda (nes) - any% no up+a 29:54 - swordless 40:03 - low% 43:02 - swordless low% 44:13 Mike Tyson's punch out (nes) - Single Segment: 19:53 - Tyson IL: 2:56 (2:44 w/ savestates at beginning of fight to avoid putting in password) CONTRA (nes) - any% - 12:34 The little mermaid (nes) - any% 8:12 Metroid - all bosses 17:42 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (nes) - any% 32:12 Ninja Gaiden II DSoC (nes) - any% 12:01 (not submitted because i'm lazy) Celeste (pc) - any% 48:32 Diablo 2 LOD (pc) - any% assassin hardcore normal - 2:56.28

About me

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Hello, I am Steven. I enjoy fantasy books, metal music, Retro games, point and click adventure games and Nature/swimming/camping/hiking. I own a fabrication shop and specialize in aluminum welding and routing. I am married to the beautiful Ash_Smash0113 and we have 2 cool kids, 2 awesome dogs and 1 cool cat and 1 twat cat but we love her anyway. I always enjoy a good conversation about science, video games, movies/tv shows, food (of course) and any other topic that isn't politics. While I really love talking about religion, I will avoid it on stream for obvious reasons. Feel free to talk about anything you want in my stream, it doesn't only have to be about the game.


[IGN Zelda let's play](