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WELCOME! Thank you for stopping by don’t forget to head over to my ABOUT section to learn more about me and the 86 GANG.

About Me

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My name is 86tapia I'm 23 years old and I love creating content. I stream a variety of games like Call of Duty, GTA RP, Valorant, Fortnite, and many more.


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Donations/Tips are NEVER REQUIRED All donations or tips go directly to paying my bills and helping me become a FULL TIME STREAMER! Thank you for supporting my career. ❤️ (PLEASE READ THE DONATION/TIP DISCLAIMER )


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Join the 86 Gang a community I created for gamers to come together to make new friendships, spread positivity, and to play some video games.


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A clothing brand for those who VIBE like us!

Doordash Gaming

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Former Doordash Gaming Ambassador Stay in your Game when you order on Doordash!

Gamer Sleeve

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Use Code "Tapia" at Checkout for 10% OFF!