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Hello! I'm Aaryn. I love roleplaying, TTRPG's, and board games. I also make videos at Rooster Teeth for Inside Gaming. She/Her

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First off, thanks for hanging out and checking out my stream. It really does mean a lot to me. My name is Aaryn! I love roleplaying, tabletop rpg's, and board games, so that's our focus here. I also watch wrestling, so some of that may sneak its way in, too. During the day (and some evenings), I'm a Producer for Inside Gaming at Rooster Teeth. You can find me on Twitter - [@AarynRollsDice](
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Rules are pretty simple. 1) Don't be an asshole. 2) Be kind. Things can get stressful, heated, etc. during RP, but please remember there are people behind every character. Keep it respectful. 3) No spoilers or meta! 4) Please no backseat gaming. General rule is unless I directly ask chat for help, just don't. 5) Listen to the mods and do not argue with them. If they make a judgement you don't agree with, feel free to send me a Twitch whisper, and we can discuss it, but be aware I'm probably going to agree with the mods. 6) Seriously, don't be an asshole. Just chill and enjoy the stories.