Hey im Aaske, living in Vienna and I love playing ARPGs.I specialized on Path of Exile and I gladly answer any question regarding Path of Exile. I have already more than 3000 hours played and I started in Perandus League.


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If you feel really generous and want to support me directly, the best way is to donate. Ill thank you probably 20 times and give u kisses into the cam. <3 (actually)


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If you enjoy your stay on my stream, then Id gladly welcome you to the aasketeers, by subscribing to my small channel. You will then get this beautiful unresistable face, which is mine, to spam randomly anywhere on twitch. My everlasting gratitude and a big kiss! You can also gift subs to others if you feel super generous! SUBTEMBER: YOU CAN NOW RESUB FOR 1 DOLLAR FOR ANY GIFTED SUB


Every Day from 10am - 16 pm CEST. Might start sooner/stream longer from time to time though. :)


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I also got a youtube channel,that I barely use but Im trying to get more videos uploaded. You still find one or two guides that might be useful. <3


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Im aaske, 29, living in Austria! I am basically full time streaming although I should be writing my master thesis in Phytomedicine. Im playing computer games since im basically 6 years old. My main game at this point is Path of Exile, but you will also see me stream Path of Diablo,Rocket League,WoW and other games that might come up. If you want to know anything else,feel free to ask and thank you so much for hanging out. Please leave a follow, since it would support my stream alot and it costs you only one click! :)

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These are the people that contributed the most to my stream and therefore make my dream come alive - I love you more than you could ever know and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 1. Taosdad 2. Mofegreven 3. Piggyforpresident 4. KidnapperVan 5. Unknownrand 7. Demigodkinglol 8. Jbogy 9. Bully 10. Realbruhz 11. Roko_Guilty 12. LeCrestfallen 13. Crolas 14. Malaras 15. Riverdeeps Special thanks go out to DasLewis who made my beautiful sub badges! <3 Furthermore: all the people that are watching me on a daily basis and also my mods! If I forgot you on the list, its 10 pm and im tired af - please notify me that you are missing on this list,if you have supported my stream monetarily. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!


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1. Be fucking nice to each other 2. No backseat gaming 3. No discrimination 4. Just think about how you would like to be treated Apart from that we can make stupid jokes all day, idc. I actually have a Phd in talking bullshit for hours. So if you like being silly, you are very welcome here. THANKS FOR READING