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Streaming Europa Universalis IV with 60 viewers

I play video games (mostly strategy games) and sometimes react to memes and videos ~~ become a habibi today


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This channel is only for wholesome manly brother lovers. Meaning no dicks allowed. -Bullying will be banned -Racism will be banned -Politics Spam will be banned -This is a place of chilling -Memes are encouraged -Manliness will be noticed and rewarded

About Me

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Hi my name is Yamaan, im 25 years old and originally from Lebanon but now live in Southern California. I play all kinds of strategy games. Check out my schedule for what I will be playing !


Q: Who are you? A: My birth name is Yamaan but on this platform and all other social platforms I go by Absolute Habibi. Q: Why Absolute Habibi? A: bopega Q: How old are you? A: 25 Q: Where are you from? A: Originally Lebanon, now somewhere in Los Angeles Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself A: I used to work for a big tech company with a nice cushy job with bonuses and stock options. covid happened and now I work freelance and make content in my free time. Q: What games do you play? A: I mainly play Europa Universalis however, I sometimes play these games on stream as well: Crusader Kings, Stellaris, Imperator Rome, Hearts of Iron 4, Risk, Company of Heroes 2, Squad, League of Legends, Dota 2, Dota Underlords, CSGO, various RPGs and Age of Empires 2. Q: Can I play with you? A: Maybe, join my discord. !discord in chat Q: Why should I follow you? A: because im a halal wholesome gamer :)


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If you like what I do, help me out ;) The less I have to care about money, the more time I can stream. 1 dollar for Text to speech baby ;) CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE TO DONATE (or use this link:


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