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Actual Play is the home of indie rpg streamed by Stras, Sean, Ash, Judd, and Jay. Join us!

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**Actual Play** is the home of our virtual tabletop roleplaying games! **Stras Acimovic** is a game designer and author of *Scum and Villainy*, *Band of Blades*, and *Atlas Reckoning*. Twitter: [@strasa]( **Sean Nittner** is director of projects for Evil Hat, steward of Big Bad Con, and co-author of *Agon*. Twitter: [@seannittner]( **Ash McAllan** is the author of Oracle, The Republic, and many more. She also streams on her channel []( Twitter: [@acegiak]( **Jahmal "Mad Jay" Brown** is the host of Games on Demand Online and the Diceology podcast. You can find him on twitter [@MadJayZero]( **Judd Karlman** is the author of Dictionary of Mu, host of the Daydreaming about Dragons podcast, and creator of nerd attire. You can find him on twitter [@Judd_of_Kryos](


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