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What up it's me, A2Z! I'm a Nintendo Variety content creator who’s here to stream games I enjoy, including Pokémon, Mario platformers and Zelda, and have a good time with all of you!


1. Absolutely no racism will be tolerated. If I see any instances of racism or attempted racism, you will be instantly and permanently banned. No exceptions. No second chances. 2. No hate, homophobia or harassment will be allowed. If you feel like you are being targeted, please inform myself or one of the moderators and we will take swift action. 3. Stay civil in the chat. Absolutely no political discussion will be tolerated. If you have an issue with another individual, please take it elsewhere. 4. Please do not inappropriately promote your channel. I will decide who gets a shoutout. 5. Most importantly, have a good time! I'm here to make sure you all enjoy yourselves watching me play video games and talk to you all!