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OG stereotypical geek into Marvel, Trek, Star Wars, Minecraft... I love talking current events and geek news so if anything ever happens in the geek world it's open for chit chat here.


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Just a sterotypical geek doing sterotypical geek things. I play Minecraft on the 8-Bit Building Community Server. I watch Star Trek, MCU and Star Wars. Those are most of the things I'll do deep dive discussion streams on. There are tons of other geektainment things I enjoy. I'm also an amateur gardener, so we will see how I can wedge that into my streams as well.
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The 8-Bit Building Community Server

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This is the 8-Bit Community Minecraft server (powered by BisectHosting). If you’d like to join, please join and grab the Minecraft role to get more information!

Sub Perks!

Aside from the usual 'ad free experience' you are supposed to get, and the emotes you can see in chat subs get access to the following commands on a slight cooldown: * !coo - delightfully gentle tribble cooing sound * !blackalert - the black alert warning from Star Trek Discovery. One of my all time favorite sounds * !chewie - classic Chewbacca growl * !subbydo - you can make suggestions that will automatically documented so I can see it after stream and I don't forget about the request due to my adhd brain.

Stream Tunes

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All music heard on stream is from one of the following sources: RomanSenykMusic - StreamBeats By Harris Heller - Mike Capuano
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