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Since the day I received my very first Nintendo in 1987, I have been a fan of gaming. With my passion for video production and retro gaming, I plan to play through all the classics and hidden gems of the retro genre!

! ! ! YOU GUYS KICK ASS ! ! !

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Thank you everyone for supporting and watching my channels! I too love retro gaming and feel honored to be one of the main producers of retro content on both Twitch and YouTube. I have links below of my YouTube and Discord where we discuss everything retro, especially in our Discord. Some don't be a stranger, check the links below and come say hi and talk retro with us! I don't ask for subs or donations because I do this for the love of retro gaming, but any sub and donation greatly helps me entertain you guys more with each one. I am disabled and have no extra money to put into my setup. All of your donations and subs help fund new games, new consoles, capture cards and anything else I can get to grow the channel and play more awesome games! If you don't have anything to donate, I totally understand. You can then support the channel by subbing, following, liking some video, joining the Discord and just chatting with us during streams. Be part of the group and enjoy your time here!

[ DONATIONS ] Support this amazing retro channel by donating!

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Help me get new, kick ass, awesome, amazing, adventurous, nail-biting, sexy(?), heart-pounding, stress inducing games for you all to enjoy (as well as me of course) on this channel! Donations help fund videos, games and other means of providing you amazing and top quality retro video game content. P.S. - Test your fucking hack.

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There are plenty of fun pages to share stories, links, pics, roms, etc. Talk about hacks, what's goin on in the retro world and just hang out with kick ass people!

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Click this to go to my YouTube page where I post all my vids! Make sure you tap that Subscribe button! I have over 400+ videos right now and I post about 3-5 videos a week! Most are just recorded streams but I sometimes edit some with my crude barbaric editing skills haha

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The StreamBoss can be defeated by following my channel, subbing to my channel and donating bits/money to my channel. Each thing takes away a bit of his health until he is defeatd. Once he is defeated, the lucky winner will receive a random NES game signed by me! So be sure to follow, sub and donate and best of luck to everyone!


I usually stream around 7-8PM EST cause I live in ass-crack Ohio. The days I stream are varied because I am disabled with lupus and renal kidney failure. I have dialysis Mon, Wed, and Friday until 5pm so it makes it even harder to stream those days. I stream as much as I physically can so bare with me. If you want a shit-ton of my content, go check my YouTube (link above) or join our retro Discord (link above somewhere). Again, sorry for not having a set schedule, but it's not by choice. I usually stream on Tuesdays and Thursday if that helps.