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Ph.D. Candidate. Love playing video games in any spare time that I have. Use streaming to chill.Star Fox 64 Score runnerPaper Mario rando playerKaizo IronMON Champion

About Me

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Currently pursuing my PhD. Love playing video games in any spare time that I have. Normally play Star Fox 64, Mario 64 Randomizer, Pokemon, and challenge runs Business inquiries -


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Just a few things to keep in mind: -I'm here to play games, not to deal with negativity or drama. -Be kind. Think before you type. It's a lot easier to type it out than to say it in person. -No discrimination is permitted. Instant ban. -Just have fun! Trying to create a positive, safe-space here

Personal Bests

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Star Fox 64 - Score: 3085 (WORLD RECORD) - SoB: 3133 -Levels (Top 7 is route I take) -- Corneria: 346 -- Sector Y: 464 -- Aquas: 417 -- Zonness: 488 -- Macbeth: 381 -- Bolse: 656 -- Venom 1: 381 ------------------------------------------ -- Area 6: 655 -- Venom 2: 255 -- Meteo: 471 -- Katina: 269 -- Fortuna: 91 -- Solar: 132 -- Sector X: 306 -- Titania: 258 Super Mario 64 - 16-star: 19:57.6 - 70-star Non-Stop Randomizer: 1:00:49 - 120-star Non-Stop Randomizer: 3:04:20


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Although they are not required (or needed), if you would like to help improve the stream, then please click on the banner to direct you to the Tips page. Thank you in advance for your support! :D