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Gosh darn, isnt this shiz fun?

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doing the tunes !spotify Currently we have 1000 5000 10000 custom bit alerts. we have custom alerts for 420 - makes me smoke a bowl with yall! 666 - Might just scare the crap out of me
Panel Content If you want to support the stream directly and help get me closer to my goal, there is no better way then subbing! As a subscriber you get certain perks others only dream of!! Want to know more? Click the link ;)
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Tips are an amazing way to show your support! Any amount is greatly appreciated and all goes towards making a better stream for you! Anything tipped is non-refundable but if you tipped too much or need a refund just ask, im human too ya know <3 Ace121001 $13,255.42 termonator145 $3,245.93 riskits $1,762.09 CupcakeMadness $1,142.66 RuSyxx $985.50 AbroadKew $875.00 eatmyc00kies $855.34 GillisX $850.00 zurak55 $745.00 Brythor $725.65