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Gamer, Roleplayer, Streamer. Lover of MMO's and Survival Games. Come join me in the adventure! @adirastc


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Proud member of Team Sexy! Going to be trying many new RP games to see what I like. Hoping to begin to stream on a more regular basis every evening. Suggestions welcome!
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**Name:** Addy **Gaming Career:** Technically, I started with Zork! Anyone remember that? Then D&D, followed by (in no particular order) EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, WoW, Rift, Aion, Tera, GW2, ESO, Lotro, and various other MMO's **Lately:** I have begun to enjoy survival games: DayZ, Ark, The Forest, Miscreated, Just Survive, Stranded Deep, Conan. I have also been using Roll20 to play tabletop games with my friends. **Favorite role:** I enjoy ranged DPS, followed by healing. **Fun facts:** * I am a Roleplayer at heart! * I could live off Sushi * I love a good cigar * Current drink of choice: Red wine, or Titos and pineapple juice. * Adira was my first MMO character and STC was my very first guild. I've kept them ever since.
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# *Thank You! Your support is greatly appreciated!* Funds will go towards improving the stream and game selection!