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Hello all! Welcome to my channel! I'm adRocZ, some call me ad for short. I've been a gamer for 3 decades. I hope you enjoy the content!

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2022 is a new year, lost my job, my wife nearly passed away, and overall rough, but we're surviving. Current Game Schedule: Monday - FF 7 Remake Integrade Tuesday - Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Wednesday - Octopath Traveler Thursday - Nier Replicant Friday - Elden Ring - Finished 12/16/22 Weekends - FF Strangers in Paradise I'm a variety gamer who explores single player, mmos, rpgs, gachas, fps's, racing, fighting games and more. Upcoming Games, I plan on playing: Blue Protocol (MMO) Final Fantasy XVI Dune Awakening & more
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**CPU:** Ryzen 5 5600x **MOBO:** ASUS TUF 570 plus **GPU:** ASUS TUF Geforce 3070 OC *GB **RAM:** T-Force RGB DDR4 8GB x 4 **KEYBOARD:** Logitech G63 Wireless **MOUSE:** Logitech G502 Wireless with PowerPlay charging Pad **HDD:** 2x 1gb 3600 NVME SSD, 2x 2600 SSD
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