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Hi! You can call me stew. I like have a good time and play games. if for some reason i miss chat please don't be afraid to holler at me, i can zone out sometimes. the only time i will consciously not read chat is if i really have to zone in on a game and thats rare. let's have some fun!


sounds (costs 5 bank) Rawr Boop Ding Giggity Phrashing tacos Lana yay other Sounds and commands: !scare (100 bank) !oscar (free) !Cars (500 bank) !dadjoke (free) !lost (free) !sausage (free) !trolled (free) !t+ (free but only use if im been succesfully trolled) !discord !sounds !rain (100 bank) !lurk !bye !draw (insert description) (150 bank) !tcam (250 bank) VIP+ commands !T+ !grinch (100 bank) !TTS (insert words to read out) Personalized commands !tinman !Jinx !potato !MrTaco !solo !temp

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69: make me drink something
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As often as i can i will stream
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1. dont be a dick 2.if my bot triggers a ban or timeout or etc... you probly earned it. i made it very easy going, if it does you wrong however i will review it
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1. I'm weird 2. I don't ignore anyone on purpose 3. Don't push my buttons(a very large amount of warnings will be given if you do) 4. I'm not the most entertaining of folk 5. I'm here to play my games and have fun with it. 6. I like to help from time to time but mostly need to run my content due to little time i have 7. I will include stream members into the content, however league and friends come first(DC Universe Related)
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Refunds are not a thing