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Husband of the beautiful Justcallmequeenjade and father of two beautiful girls. I stream when their sleeping to make the most of family time. HUGE fan of anime/manga/marvel/Disney/Harry Potter/tech. Main games are RPGs and ANYTHING rogue lite/like.

About Me

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Husband of the lovely Justcallmequeenjade and proud dad of a 1 year old girl. Just looking to play some games with the company of others. All of my emotes were designed by the amazing artist Kiyokiwi! Go give her some love and if you're looking for emote work, send her a message! Music in the stream is by Monstercat. You can find their music here: I also utilize an amazing Lofi tribute to Avatar: The Last Airbender by Sweetboikyle (GameChops). You can find the mix here:

Chat Rules

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I don't want to see any hate in the chat. We're all friends here.


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Streaming three times a week (all times in CDT): SUNDAY 8:45PM - 11:30PM MONDAY (Midday Monday) 12:30PM - 3:00PM 8:45PM - 11:30PM WEDNESDAY (Special Event Stream) 8:45PM - 11:30PM FRIDAY (Community Night) 8:45PM - 11:45PM


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Not required in the slightest, as I just appreciate you taking the time to hang out with me. If you're ever feeling generous and want to spoil the baby, you can feel free to donate as anything is much appreciated.