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Last live 14 days ago

Hello! I'm a relatively new streamer to twitch and would like to welcome you to my channel. I primarily play destiny and stream most week nights. Come hang out, chat in stream and have a good time. Cheers!

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Come follow me and hear whats new with the channel and when I"m going live!

House Rules

Please be nice to each other and have fun. No Offensive language No bad mouthing other streams Dont talk about other streams unless asked If you don't follow the rules you will get timed out.
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Please do not feel the need to Tip or donate to the stream. 100% of tips go back into the stream to make it more quality for you!

PC Specs

My Current PC setup THE MEAT i7-6700K @4.00GHz GTX 1080Ti 16Gb DDR Ram MOBO GA-B150M-D3H GSM THE TOPPINGS Monitor: ASUS MX279 LED / Samsung 27" CF591 Curved LED Monitor Keyboard: Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Cherry MX Brown Mouse: Logitech G500s Mic: Samson Gtrack Headset: Astro A40 Camera: Logitech C920 Capture Card: Magewell XI100DUSB HDMI USB 3.0 Capture
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All times are subject to work schedule Weekdays 7-11pm EST Weekends When possible

About Me!

I'm a part-time stream that loves to play destiny and other similar games. I am a proud member of The Pizza Party stream team. I play on XB1,PS4,PC! My Gamer IDs on every platform is "AGingerGiant" I am a full time Mechanical Engineer and would like to pursue a career in Aerospace. Its is true I am actually tall (6'5") and am a Ginger from birth
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