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One word accurately sums my stream up. Razzamatazzzzzzzzz.

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Hi yo! I am kind of an oddball country pumpkin who makes computers sometimes and makes fun of everything all the time. Especially me. I'm a hoot sometimes. Anyways, i play boring games with funny commentary in a southern accent. Boom. I built a computer to play DayZ originally and turns out. I am just an open world and simulator nerd. I purchased a G27 racing wheel and that allows me to play some gems like Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Dirt Rally, Richard Burns Rally, Spintires, and Euro Truck Sim 2. I might even try some of the bus sims. Otherwise I like odd indie games like My Summer Car, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Meadow. Sometimes DayZ and Arma 3. I really love odd indie games and funny games like goat sim and tea party sim. Always open to suggestions and love to chat. It brings out my funny to have folks to talk to. BTW, your parents love me. Tell em I said hey. Also, Shout out to Mitcmacklol for all the wonderful graphics. I love em.
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Hey sug! Like the jokes I spew? Click the Donations banner and you can give me money to keep the dream alive I keep your donations as a rainy day fund to keep my computer going as long as I can so we can hang out and shiz. Click the Donations sign and it should take you to my donations page. People I'd like to thank for their monies. Jake2375 Wrecked Sausage Liquidpredata Mitcmacklol Paasone People I'd like to thank for their games Paasone mitcmacklol carabella12136 electromuffin24 Amiablegrace, Edgarallenwoah If i forgot your contribution, please let me know as you deserve to be in my little wall of fame Also, a big big thank you needs to go out to mitcmacklol for all the graphics and for being an all around awesome dude. Kiss him on the mouth if you see him
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You can catch me at Some friends of mine you should really check out
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Not alot here but keep this in mind. NO BIGOTRY NO RACISM NO SEXIST CRAP NO DISPARAGING TALK ABOUT OTHERS pretty much just be cool ya dingus. If you can't be cool, be nice. I will kick you, and zero fucks will be given. I don't play that shit.
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MoBo ASUS|P8Z77-V LK Z77 GPU ASUS| Radeon HD7870 CPU INTEL|CORE I5 3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4G MEM w/ Corsair H55 cooling system. Seagate Barracude HDD 2T|ST ST2000DM001 APEX 500W PowerSupply G. Skill 2x8 GBs of RAM APEX PCV-588 Black Steel Tower LG or Insignia 1080p TV as monitor for now, with an Acer monitor as my chat window. Corsair M65 Vengeance wired mouse. I have no idea what brand keyboard. It is cheap and it works. Earforce x-12 turtle beach headset Awesome Logitech Camera MICROSOFT WINDOWS 8 64-BIT


This beautiful man gets his own panel because he himself donated the funds I needed to purchase an all new and much better mouse for my setup. Show this fucker some love and go give his channel a follow. Otherwise, I will sick the Splat Rats on ya! LOLOLOL I AM SERIOUS.