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Idk what to do but I'll do stuff anyway. I hope to be able to stream things I want like the various people I look up to. IM BACK HEREEE

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NOTE: please understand that donations are non-refundable and you are donating under the agreement that you will not issue a charge back!
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Feel free to donate TF2/CS:GO skins/cases through Steam instead. So I can try out more games and stream them! [Trade Offer Link]( Please be reminded that donating is optional, just coming by is more than enough. No returns!
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General Info

Hi! I always loved the idea of streaming, I'm just trying to make it real. EVERYONE IS WELCOME IN THIS STREAM. As long as you're not hurting anyone, feel free to chill here. I'm 24 and I have a history with game dev, have a deep passion to provide support,and I'm in a multiple layer crisis. Come by and let's talk about some stuff together. I'm open to talk about just how life is in general and mental health stuff. What to expect of the stream? Nothing too extreme, just chill times. Casual talks. Games I've been playing recently: Dead by Daylight Cult of the Lamb Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon Elden Ring Phasmophobia Minecraft Dungeons Minecraft CS:GO Playing and Streaming with a laptop!

Random Trivia

*I try to have all things I use for the stream (the screens and gifs for alerts) self-made. *English is not my first language. *I have the very basic knowledge of any aspect in game dev. *I like to discuss topics with people, it's all friendly and open. Nothing about pressing matters to one another. *I might be neurodivergent, specifically ADHD. I hope through streaming I find people in this community and get to know this better. *Quite the fan of S.O.G.

Questions Asked by Viewers

Q: Can I add you on XBox/Microsoft/etc.? A: no unless I allow you! Q: Do you play with viewers? A: Depends on the game