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A mildly Autistic Variety Streamer who is just dying to make you smile. I’m nowhere near the top of the games I play but that’s not gonna stop me from having fun and playing what I love! Come chill and hang out with me and smoke a bowl as I die multiple times.


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Tips are greatly appreciated,as this is my full time job, any and every penny is greatly appriciated

About Me

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My name is AJ and I'm 19 I have been streaming for about 9 month full time. I have been gaming since i can remember, my all time favorite game would probably be Pokemon Platinum. This is a place to chill and hang out and if you are enjoying what you are watching make sure to hit the follow button. :)

What I Play

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I play a multitude of games spanning plenty of consoles (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox 360). Mainly I play shooters (yes i am aware my shot is trash) but i enjoy others such as Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, minecraft, and other games like that.