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Who am I ??? Yk ... that's a funny question cuz like ... the real question is who am I not ? I mean... I got the cinnamon nutmeg skin complexation , Natural curly hair falling down my neck , deep voice thats crispy and BOOMING !!Lmao sounds like this description should be in a different place XD !

About Me

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Ayooo what's poppin homies ! I'm just a goofy 23yr old young man playin like a legend (jk), being hyper than anything u can imagine , and overall spreadin nothin but love for my community and gaming ! Don't hesitate to say "what's good "! Trust me I'm very easy to get along with and I should not be takin seriously at all ! I'm always jokin around so don't be offended and cry lol !


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For sureeee drop a sub on my YT channel ! I'm all about that hyped up energy ! All the videos are edited myself and I'm always looking to do a better job than the last ! More content on the way soon homies !


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For sure drop a follow on my twitter for the latest updates ! I'm always looking to support other streamers/content creators as well ! Stay tuned for a shout out from ya boi ! I'm all about not just building my brand but, others who I feel deserve it as well !


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If ur feelin reallly generous , slip ya boi a dollar or two I aint greedy ! LOL nah all donations will go towards ... well food obv lol jk ! Improvement of the streams and ofc help with things I need to take care of Irl ! I'm all for giving back as well to people in need too ! *DISCLAIMER All donations are final and will not be refunded unless I and only I myself come down to a decision of refunding it !


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Come through !!!!! Kick it wit ya boi off stream and get to know me and the homies a lil more ! Hella chill , nothin to fear tbh ! We all joke at the end of the day but ... don't be weird or u finna go to the abyss or just banished for good !

PC Specs

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(*This is a prebuilt MSI PC from QVC*) CPU : Intel core I7 10700 GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 Storage: 1Tb Nvme + 500 Gb Nvme Ram: 16 Gbs DDR4 Any question u have feel free to ask and I'll try to answer as best as possible !

My overall Equipment

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Microphone : Blue Yeti classic mic Headset: Steel series Arctis 7 Cam: Logitech C922 Pro Monitor 1 : LG ultra gear 27GL850, 27in, 144hz, 1440p, IPS panel screen Monitor 2: Asus S271HL, 27in, 75Hz,1080p ,VA panel