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ENVTuber | Hello hello, I'm Akumachi - just an incubus with a few hobbies, particularly gaming and voice acting.


- Be respectful. It's not difficult, and I intend to keep things classy. - Unless I invite the sentiment, please do not backseat game. - If I ask for a subject to be dropped, just drop it without arguing. This could be a joke that went on too long, an inappropriate subject, etc. I'm a pretty relaxed individual. As long as problems aren't intentionally caused, I imagine there won't be any.


"I can be a demon and still have hobbies, yeah? How about entertaining you?" - As of right now, I don't have a specific genre of game I intend to mostly stream. I'll just play whatever I feel like. - If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Naturally, they need to be appropriate, but I'm not exactly strict. - Certainly open to collaboration, though I won't accept if we've never talked or I don't know anybody in a group. Chemistry is important, in entertainment.

Asset Credits

- Profile picture by wanndabaa @ - PNG by Azul @ - BGM by Tokyo Music Walker @ - Aku's animated background by Freya @ - Aku's Starting Soon screen by Hana @ - Kiba's animated overlays/assets by Freya @


If you'd like to support me financially, which there is absolutely no obligation to do, I have a ko-fi where I also offer voice commissions!