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All your basic rules apply just be a decent human!! No racism sexism or homophobia will be tolerated Listen to the the mods (the people with swords next to their names) I trust their decisions fully
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Hey there, I'm Alex! I grew up with cystic fibrosis and started out being very active and played lots of sports. It wasn't until one fateful day that I found, and truly fell in love with, video games! My first being Halo 3 I played that game sooo much, and since then I've been a huge fan of video games ranging from shooters to more RPG element games. My favourite game of all time is BloodBorne, aside from streaming you'll see me in lots of places I love getting around and being with friends! I've loved lots of TV shows and animes, my favourite of all time being Gurren Lagann. I hope you have as much fun interacting as I do playing and speaking to you and always BELIEVE IN YOU THAT BELIEVES IN YOURSELF!!!