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Hey I’m Dean. DJ & Ableton Producer. Melodic & Progressive House maestro with a touch of Tech House. Join me for captivating melodies, epic progressions, and the occasional tech-infused groove.

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Hey guys my schedule has changed a little due to the current climate. Usually try and get a set in the week around 4pm. Playing most weekends. Coffee & Toast with me and F33dbacks, at 10am gmt. Please keep your notifications on as I'll be on during the week also. The days will vary but the times are around midday GMT. Thank you all for listening and your support Alienbeard

More about me and the music

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Hello, my stream usually last around 1-3 hours depending on events and such. I play melodic and progressive house with some breaks and experimental thrown in. On some occasions I do play some classic trance. If you like any of these genres then please follow me. I currently use the Denon Prime 4. Have fun, be polite to everyone and support each other. I am also the co-founder and member of Prism with F33dbacks. Any questions on joining please contact myself or F33dbacks, thank you.


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All Donations go towards new equipment and new music. Thank you so much for any amount donated.