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Hi! My name is Alphonse Mackenzie and I stole this twitch from Jonah Scott. Yeah. That one.

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*Here's some characters I voice!* **Legoshi** | *Beastars* **Aiden Caldwell** | *Dying Light 2* **Randy Orlando** | *Trails of Cold Steel Series* **Formaggio** | *JJBA: Golden Wind* **JOE** | *SK8* **Lihito** | *Kengan Ashura* **Phoenix Man** | *One Punch Man* **Willy Tyber** | *Attack on Titan* **Tatsu** | *Way of the Househusband* **Courier** | *Akudama Drive* **Sakuma** | *Gleipnir*
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**How old are you?** - 27 **What microphone (signal chain) do you use?** - SM7B -> Scarlet 2i2 3rd Gen -> Comp, EQ, ETC. **Where are you from?** - I am from Riverside Iowa and moved to Tokyo as a kid. **What's Your Setup?** Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core (32 CPUs), ~3.5GHz Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 32 GB DDR4 RAM **HOW TALL ARE YOU?** 5'10 **WHO DID YOUR MODEL!?** Design: Art and Model: Rigging: **UR CONTENT IS LEWD!?** This is an 18+ space. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you click on this stream I assume you are 18+. Do not disclose your age in chat or discord, period. If I found out you're underage you're a banned.
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Your donations help me pay for food, rent and a lot of the cost of living in Tokyo! Not required but I REALLY appreciate anything! **Minimum of $1 to trigger alert!!** Reminder: Tips are Non-Refundable!