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Hoho big boy, he's in the hole, Fastest talking and Spiciest looping Dwelf on DBD | Streaming Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 10pm-2am GMT/UTC | Business emails:


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+ No racism, sexism, homophobia etc, none of it will be tolerated, I want my streams to be welcoming and safe space for all + Seems fairly obvious but be kind and respectful to others (if there is something you dont like just mention it to either myself or the mods and we`ll be more than happy to take a look to see what can be done) + No fascists + As long as you do all the above just relax and enjoy yourself and welcome one, welcome all!


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+ If you would like to join my discord then I would love to have you! Simply click the picture above to be given the link you will need and welcome on in + Please make sure you check out the discord rules and also check out the pronouns channel to select your pronouns + I am very active in my discord and there is some lovely chitchat as well as other good things in there so definitely check it out


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I used to be fairly active on instagram but not so much at the moment, if you would like to drop me a follow then feel free to do so as I am exceptional grateful nonetheless


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Similar story to my instagram, not as active on it at the moment, however my facebook is usually a place at the moment I will be posting channel clips so you may see some of yours there


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I have a youtube but I dont use it as often as I would like, do feel free to subscribe if you would like to, my current videos are those from when I first started streaming back in December 2020 so feel free to peruse the archive to see how far I`ve come thus far


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+ While I would say that being in any of my streams for even less than a second is not only something that I am honoured with, but is way more than enough, donations are not necessary at all. + If you would like to donate however then feel free to click the above picture, donations always go towards improving streams + Please do consider your financial and personal needs before choosing to donate