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hey there!! i'm so "hoppy" to meet you!! im uh really irregular with my schedule, or rather lack of so sorry bout that ^u^. hope to see you soon tho!

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hello there! im a trans masc streamer that goes by he/him and bun/buns pronouns. I'm just here to hang out and play a few games, usually either on my ps4 or rpgmaker and visual novel games till I can get a better pc. a few facts about me: I love bike riding, mythology, fluffy animals, juxtaposition as a concept. space, the color yellow, and i make a mean broccoli cheddar soup. Bun/buns neopronoun examples
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1. no racism, ableism, bodyshaming, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia. 2. Please if i invite you to play try to not have too much going on in the background. 3. don't give trolls your energy. report them and move on. I or a mod will ban them. 4. no 0nlyf4ns talk and no sexual comments about me directly. 5. don't be a jerk Not really a rule but I'm dyslexic as all hell and sometimes games use some pretty non dyslexic friendly fonts so please be patient when i'm reading something ^u^`
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