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Hey hey all, am Dj Slimey. Welcomes to my stream, here I play games, do dev work for my game 'Slime Tower'. I practice art too and the rare occasion I also make music on stream. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a look see, I hope to see you in chat sometime.

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Am slime, I play games. I make art, music too.. sometimes. I try to stream on the days and times I have listed but sometimes life just doesn't let you, I try my best to stick with those days best I can. Who knows I may even stream when I'm not scheduled to. xD Am also a game maker and I sometimes stream dev work. Currently am working on a game called '[Slime Tower](', or check out the [discord]( - Music provided by Lofi Girl - Listen:
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Wanna help out the slime? Why not donate some money? Donations will always go to help make the stream better/ feed the slime. To donate just click the image above.
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Here are some of the games I play and or stream, check em out you might like them. [Minecraft]( [Final Fantasy XIV]( [Conan Exiles]( [7d2d]( [GTA 5]( [MAFIA 2]( [Destiny 2]( [Jurassic World Evolution]( [Fallout 4]( [Monster Hunter World]( [CoD AW Singleplayer]( [Warframe]( [Dirt Rally]( [The Witcher 3]( [Skyrim LE]( [Skyrim SE]( [LEGO LOTR/Hobbit]( [LEGO Jurassic Park/World](