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Known for hacking Super Mario World. I like playing old or "boomer shooters" and Doom map sets on here.


## About I'm AmperSam (though most people call me just “Amper” but “Sam” is fine also) welcome to my low-key channel. ## Keep your Money I have no desire to monetize or "grow" my stream, I just do this for fun. There are lots of people on this platform who stream to support themselves so give them your money instead! Or [donate to a charity]( For me, hanging out in chat or lurking is a perfect way to support the stream. ## LGBTQIA+ I am queer. This stream is a friendly and safe space for queer people, so if you're an asshat about that (here or elsewhere) I will remove you, idgaf. If you want to be cool, you can plug your pronouns into [this extension for Twitch chat]( so that I (and others using the extension) can see them next to your username and know how to refer to you.

Doom FAQ

## What source port is this? Most of the time I'm using [DSDA-doom]( which is a PRBoom+ successor with additional features. Otherwise I'll use [GZDoom]( when it's needed. I also like [Woof]( ## Can I suggest a mapset/wad/mod? Yeah sure. I'm open to suggestions on stream but I may forget if just written out in chat. My bot will keep track if you use the '!addwad' command to make one though. I'm not that interested in gameplay mods as I like how vanilla Doom plays. ## Do you have a list of WADs played? No, but I have a list of WADs to play that is way too long.

Rules & Info

## Chat Rules These are verbatim from the chat thing, but nevertheless: - Don't do anything here (or elsewhere) that gets you banned. - Be nice and respectful to your fellow chat members. - You don't need permission to post a link. - Follow alerts are nameless and don't out lurkers. Just be chill at it will all go alright. ## Technical Info Resources used on stream: - [Slime Chat]( for on-screen chat - [Pronouns Extension]( for pronoun display in chat - [Cloud Closed Captions]( for stream captions - audio waveforms are [this OBS Plugin]( - alerts are the basic Twitch provided ones - stream layout would be basic but I’m a UI designer so they’re try hard and made by me