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Earthbound is love. Earthbound is life.

About Me

Welcome to my stream! I started streaming in late 2012 but didn't pick up speedrunning until April of 2013 with my first title of Earthbound. Since then, I've grown to enjoy the community, the challenge, and the interaction that streaming speedruns brings. I've had a small change of heart recently when it comes to donations. If you would like to donate, I will happily accept it. [Donate here]( ###Social Stuff **Twitter** - []( **Youtube** - []( **Personal Data Dump** - []( **Discord** - []( Nearly all of the graphics and all of my emotes on my stream are done by [Swishface]( Highly recommended if you're looking to have work done.


I try to stream at least once a week. I don't have any kind of set schedule, but Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days you're most likely to find me here. They begin around 7-8 eastern.

Personal Bests

See []( for an updated list

The Prayer

Our Vogler who art 24 hour streaming, hallowed be thy game. They wrdom come thy will be done, on Andy's stream as it is at the Vogler residence. Give us this WR, our daily WR and forgive us for red splits. And lead us not into a game over but deliver us from Giygas. For thine is thy glod, and the power, and the glory, for Vogler, and Vogler. May Vogler be with you.

Bot Commands

AndyPerfectBot is a custom written bot I am working on in my spare time As a result, some of the commands are a tad different. If you're truly interested in seeing the source, [go to town]( **!hp <user>** -- Shows the total time that you (or another user) have ever been in chat while the stream has been live **!pp <user>** -- Shows the total number of chat messages that you (or another user) have ever sent **!roulette** -- Roll for a chance at a thing **!uptime** -- Shows how long the stream has been live **!quote** -- Returns a quote at random. Only users that have been in chat for at least 24 hours total are allowed to use this command. **!quote add "quote here"** -- Adds a quote (The first and last quote characters in the string delimit the quote. Any character is allowed inside without escaping). Only users that have been in chat for at least 24 hours total are allowed to use this command.