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Last live 4 months ago

Sometimes I'm funny but the funny makes up for the lack of skill in games. You can call me Animal or Scott either works, I mainly play apex and play music but i occasionally play different games

PC setup

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AMD msi B550M Bazooka motherboard 64 bit Zotac GeForce 1060 6gb video card 48 gb ram 1TB ssd 2TB Hard drive ryzen 3600 6 core processor Thermaltake TR2 500w power supply Fractal design focus G Blue ATX mid tower case Acer KA242Y and DELL P2214H monitors Logitech G910 keyboard Logitech G502 Hero mouse Audio Musica AT2020 XLR mic Steelseries Arctis 5 Headset


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Donations are appreciated but they are not required but if you do I appreciate tf out of you 😁 non refundable!


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Up in the air rn but I promise it will be consistent soon!


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