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Annamanx5 streams Hollow Knight, Elden Ring and Dark Souls III.


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Hi - I'm Anna! I'm an Aussie woman who likes retro games, music, and the amazing people I meet on Twitch. Hubs and I love watching shows like Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Survivor. We also love walking our doggo Monty on the beach, where he is learning to swim and chase seagulls (though he never catches them!). I have chronic kidney disease, so my streaming schedule is a fun surprise ;-) When I have energy, there's nothing I like better than doing stupid stuff for your amusement <3 Come and hang out :-)

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I am streaming for fun, to hang out with my community, and to help my voice get stronger. Your company is my main goal. However, if you'd like to donate or contribute to a stream goal, please use this link, with all my thanks <3