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Gday Im AnthonyYTG! A part time video game streamer from Victoria, Australia | Live weekdays from 9PM AEDT | He/Him | Contact Email

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Gday everyone and welcome to The Games room! My name is Anthony and this is my little area of the internet where I sit back, relax and play a wide variety of video games with a wonderful community of fellow gamers. In the games room you will find friendly vibes, good conversations, sub par gaming ability and lots of COFFEE! So please come in, grab a seat and feel free to introduce yourself. If you just want to sit back and watch, enjoy the lurk, relax and welcome in!
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Bit Alerts 25 bits - Tool break 50 bits - Zombie piglin 60 bits - Glitched tool break 90 bits - Player hit 100 bits - Thank you 110 bits - creeper 120 bits - Ravager roar 125 bits - Ghast 200 bits - Glitched tool break
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Schedule The Games room is live from 9PM AEDT weekdays
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- Be nice - No Caps - Be respectful to myself and others in the chat - No crazy spamming in chat - Appropriate language (family friendly channel - No backseat gaming, unless asked! - Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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For any business enquiries please contact me on