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Your Australian Squid-friend here to play cozy games, do craft, play TTRPGs, and partake in shenanigans


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Hi! I'm the antipodean squid! I'm in my thirties, my pronouns are they/them, and I'm a streamer of all kinds of things! From politics to cozy gaming, and LGBTQIA+ discussions to disability right, gardening and food sovereignty, slow fashion and craft...I talk about a lot of stuff and do my best to have a fun, comfy community through it all. So come and chill in the tidepool and have some cozy vibes and discussion. You might even see some cats! At the moment on the game rotation are: - Stardew Valley - Paper Mario Origami King - Guild Wars 2 - Sea of Thieves Oh! and on Thursdays (Aus time) we play D&D!!


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Follow me on Twitter at ! We also have a lovely discord server but unfortunately due to trolling discord access is now available upon request to known community members/regular/semi regular viewers. So come and spend some time and get to know us.


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There are some things we regularly do and here they are! We play Stream Raiders almost every stream! you can join us here: and find me as a captain under the name: antipodean_squid ! feel free to join our team on the battlefield to take on enemies and get loot and level up your troops! Once a week we join up with our friends at @Clideson 's community to play Guild Wars 2 in a slow playthrough exploring the world and walking everywhere. No fast travel for us! On Thursdays The Tide Rollers get rolling! An ocean bound D&D game played live here on the channel with @themightiestquinn and @colossustv and the amazing DM @merkittie and at the end of the week there are more high seas shenanigans with @Zandrous, @altered_ryn, and @MalAndWyn when we set sail in Sea of Thieves as the Pillage People. pirate voices and pirate jams included.


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Merchandise is currently in the process of being launched and more is coming all the time. Feel free to check out the store at Threadless and see if there's anything that you like.


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All of the channel art here at Antipodean Squid is created by the amazing and incredible Birdee Blake; a fellow non-binary creator who uses they/them pronouns and hails from Canada. Everything you see from overlays to emotes to the adorable waving squid when someone raids in was all created by this wonderful human. You can find them, follow them, commission them, or support them otherwise, by the following links: