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Hello! I'm Aoi. I stream variety games and sometimes does Art too!

About Me

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Hi Star friends! I'm Aoi, a regular collage student that likes doing streams and talk to peaople. I streams 4 days a week! Can't wait to hang out with you guys!
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- Be nice to each other - NO backseat gaming unless i asked for help - DO NOT spam chat - DO NOT pester the streamer about private information. - Have an idea for how to improve the stream? use the suggestion box but be nice about it - Enjoy and have fun!


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Please only donate when you have spare money~!
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PNG Design: mieuvt/mieudiary L2D Classic Aoi: mieuvt/mieudiary Stream Overlay: mieuvt/mieudiary Stream Transition: Spvwvky Vroid FPS Aoi: InkPasta Music Used: gamechops, abikouya