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Just a guy playing video games, sometimes badly

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37 years old, can call me Penguin or Pissy, whichever you prefer! Been gaming for over 25 years and have no plans to stop. I do have 2 wonderful children who may or may not make a appearance from time to time so please be nice, that's all I ask! Lastly, I hope you all enjoy the streams! Favorite games of all time! 1. Final Fantasy 7 1997 2. Metal Gear Solid 1998 3. Kingdom Hearts 2 2006 4. Final Fantasy X 2001 5. Halo 2001 6. God of War 2005 7. LOZ Breath of the Wild 2017 8. Luigi's Mansion 2001 9. Metal Gear Solid 3 2004 10. Silent Hill 2 2001 SH2 Speedrun times PS3 NG+ DogEnding 53:23 (WR PS3) PC NG+ DogEnding 47:35 Some of the series I do love is Final Fantasy, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario and more recently Silent Hill(Team Silent games), Resident Evil. Steam Code- 1069579582 PSN- Ap1ssyp3nguin Xbox Live- A P1ssyP3ngu1n Switch Code- SW-4969-7395-0484
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Rules are simple, be nice and enjoy the stream! 1. Don't be a tool. 2. No racist comments please. 3. Just enjoy the stream. 4. Respect the Mods! 5. Absolutely no Politics/Covid talk. We are all human, and we all have opinions and i would like to keep any negative talk out of stream.
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Donations are welcome but not expected! Your viewership is greatly appreciated! Any donation will be put back into the stream so i can give viewers the best possible experience. Again thank each one of you for your support!
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If you would love to support the stream even further, consider subscribing! Not required by any means but very appreciated!

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