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Look, you see this message, I know you do. If you turn back now, you might never be able to say you've been following me from the start. And if you follow me now, until I can't stream anymore, good things will come to us! I promise!

WoW ShadowLands X-Pack!!!

My Shadowlands Epic Edition was donated by Cammy the Cat aka deejaycatscratch Go give her a Follow:
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Headset - Razer Nari Essentials Keyboard - Razer Ornata Chroma Mouse - Razer Naga Trinity Mic - Info Coming Soon! Screens -Samsung/Acer standard screens for now :D

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Tips go here! This will take you to my Streamlabs Donate link, if you are kind enough to donate to the small streamer cause!


CURRENT: 4pm EST - 2am EST Normally, Sometimes other times, if I don't go live on time or at all, don't worry I wont be gone for long!