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I am Tyler Scheid, you may have seen me in Markiplier's videos #SmileAlways ... Business Inquiries only:

Stream Rules

~ No heavy cursing (like F-Bombs or C-Bombs) ~ No sexual or lewd comments, of any kind, towards anyone in chat or on stream ~ Don't discuss other streamers not in this stream ~ No insults, hatred, or harassment... Just be kind to one another ~ I am not a messenger ~ Do not self-advertise Just hangout, be courteous and have fun. This is meant to be a fun and safe place for everyone. VIOLATIONS= 3 Strike Policy 1st Offense: Purge 2nd Offense: 60 second timeout 3rd Offense: Ban

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Seriously this is my personal tip button, all money sent through here goes directly to me. I will never ask for tips, but it is probably the best way you can support me, so if you really want to send me a tip you can. But remember... YOU COULD BUY FOOD WITH THAT MONEY!!

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