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Professor by day, bad gamer by later (earlier?) in the day. Join me as I try to clear my backlog, one embarrassing episode at a time. I get wrecked, but we have fun. Come on in for some chill chat and gameplay.

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Hey there! We all know this is just a hobby for me, but any tip you so generously give goes back into improving the stream. More games you want to see me play. Better experience and production value. More things for more fun. If you want to give direct, click this link here:


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Mission Statement

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clear your gaming backlog. Over the past decade, you have managed to build up an extensive backlog of high quality games that you have not managed to play. In order to combat the backlog, you must remain accountable. So gear up, stream, and clear that backlog. While we are at it, we are gonna have some fun, maybe learn some stuff along the way. I am a professor of Political Science, and I wrote a book on building civilization in space. (Space Civilization is the Title) So lets talk about that, the news, your social studies homework, or whatever. To take a look at my backlog:


I am a professor with a full time professor job, so my stream schedule varies. Check the the schedule tab for the most accurate info. But in general : All Time Central USA MW- 815-1115 : Office Hours Streams F-Sat: 830am-1ish : Salt Mines

Current Goals

125 Youtube subs- Zelda Cooking Stream 650 Follows / 150 Youtube subs: Doc G Vtube 1000 Follows/ 500 youtube subs: Fortnight of Fortnite 50 Subs- Balan Wonderworld 100% speedrun attempt


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Social Media

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Give me a follow on the following platforms Twitter: @Appliedscients Instagram @Appliedscient Youtube: