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This is Darkness. Not much happens here, and the light never shines. The mods are tasteless and ignore my orders, the viewers not much better. While other streamers speedrun, have good supporters; I play casually with terrible RNG and trolls.


I am as old as the NES, and have been streaming consistently for the last 5-6 years. I started my journey on Twitch, went to Hitbox and am now coming back home. I’ve made more friends through streaming than I could ever imagine. It’s even led to my amazing girlfriend, LadyFlare who has been a major support for me for the last couple of years. I play new and I play old, platformer, RPGs, you name it.


1. No spoilers, even if the game is old and many people have played it, it's still either blind to myself or my chat. 2. Be careful with what you say, even though I'm lax with most language. 3. No backseat gaming, though if I want a tip, I will ask for it, or if after I beat something and you have another strategy, you can tell me.

Games Beaten in 2021 on stream.

1. Breath of Fire (1/5/2021) Good Ending RPG(1) 2. Hades (1/12/2021) Aegis and Gauntlets RPG(2) 3. Tecmo Secret of the Stars (1/30/21) RPG (3) 4. The Witcher 3 (2/16/21) RPG (4) 5. Super Mario 3D World (2/20/21) w/ Sunrose12