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U can't catch me stream :3 ( I love supporting other streamers! )

About me!

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YAHARO! It me Arbeemo, but some call me Mesh, or Beemo! I'm a Bee boy. :^) Emperor Demon Lord Bee I'm 20,000+ old : 3 It might seem impossible for a bee! but here are the things I do! Beemo thangs: Painting (Oil and Acrylic paint) Basketball Volley Ball Skate Board Gaming Digital line Art Track Chef (Cooking) Table Tennis

What do I play?

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Here are my list! Valorant Rust Counter Strike Overwatch 2 Apex Legends (Broken) League of legends Minecraft PAYDAY 2 Don't Starve Together The Forest Terraria Stardew Valley Horror games - not good at it but I play with friends!


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Here are the commands you can use! - !hug - !love - !pat - !tiktok - !youtube - !twitter - !lurk - pollinating atm - !honey - to earn more points! - !discord - Join the hive! - !king - gg - f - !raid (Raid messages) - !raidsub (Raid messages)


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Meet new friends and have fun! [NOTICE] please read the rules!