Heroes of Newerth Boosting / Coaching mail sanel_igen@hotmail.com or Fina_ApaN @Skype. If you want to donate then donate to sanel_igen@hotmail.com And have fun :)Boosting mail my mail. TMM: 6$/hr or 20$/4hr <3

Welcome To ArchiTigeR`s Stream

ArchiTigeR`s Stream Contact me at sanel_igen@hotmail.com if you have a request for any service. Coaching / Boosting / TMM

What will you see from this stream?

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You will see me play Highrated HoN and also Scrims!. I usually do ViewerTMM when I reach more than 100 viewers. Sometimes I do marathons for 24 hours minimum where I play with viewers all the time. Don`t forget to follow my stream!! More followers = More Marathons! - Contact for Coaching/Boosting Skype :Fina_ApaN Mail: Sanel_igen@hotmail.com - Coaching is 10 Euro / Hour -TMM with me is 6 dollar hour Or take the special offer 4 hours 20 Dollar -Mod costs 5 Euro. Mod will make you a secure spot if I decide to do ViewerTMM. -If you like what you see and you would like to donate to my stream for more streaming sessions you can donate to my paypal account : Sanel_igen@hotmail.com Twitter ;https://twitter.com/ArchiTigeR


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Subscriber Perks. Always be in front when it comes to viewer tmms. Inhouses. Giveaways


-I live in Sweden (Skåne Kristianstad) -I use the old shop because I think it's awesome!!! -Im 23 years - I have played HoN for a while now and the teams I have created / Joined are -[Nimp], [DrzO] , [PORT], [OTP], [MyR], [OTP (New Members)]. Sweet like Ice , Currently playing in Reason Gaming With Time2die , Labyrinth , Henkkz

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