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Welcome! My name is Ari I play multiplayer games competitively and that typically consists of FPS games. At the moment all I really stream right now is Fortnite BR, but I have experience in other FPS games, and MOBA games. Gaming stuff: -Former Pro-Overwatch dps/flex for The Rise Nation -Competitive Paladins player for a short time -Competitive Strife player in 2013-2014


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-Sub perks: Own chat/room in discord. -Viewer game priority and Sub only games obviously. -No ads?:D -BADASS PENGUIN BADGES?! -Supporting me which you don't have to but, if you do it is literally the fucking coolest thing ever <3 -I'll come up with more things eventually.

Schedule and Rules

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Schedule (subject to change due to work): I work a lot and pretty weird hours so I stream whenever I can pretty much. Almost every day! Chat rules: -I do not mind at all if you prefer to lurk over talking in the channel, I just appreciate you taking the time to watch! I will never call out a lurker and IF YOU ARE READING THIS DO NOT CALL LURKERS OUT IN CHAT -Don't be a freaking idiot or just like pointlessly troll for attention. -Avoid links PLEASE! -Typically I prefer if you all do not backseat game without asking me, unless I ask you for a specific bit of information. DOES NOT MEAN AFTER I ASK 1 THING YOU HAVE FREE FUCKING REIGN TO DO IT. -Be nice to both the long time viewers and the newer viewers. I'd like to build the community around people that not only enjoy watching the stream, but enjoy chatting and like talking to everyone in the channel. <3


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This is my Twitter link, follow me you know you want to see my stream updates and stupid shit.


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Case: Coolmaster Elite 430 Processor: Intel i7 6850k Motherboard: Asus X99-E GPU: nvidia 2080 ti RAM: Corsair Vengance 32GB Mouse: Logitech Gpro Wireless Keyboard: Corsair K70 Cherry MX Red Headset: Sennheiser GAME ZERO Microphone: Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone

Tip Jar

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Supports the stream and upgrades to my hardware and in game stuff :) Top Donators!: Growler: $2890 Goddessofvoodoo $1175 (raining bits) DannyPhantom151: $550 -Fate090 $465 -MarkedSoul $450 TimeForBirds: $255 -HuggleWugglez $236 -Drumroleplz $209 -Draebe_ $160 -RealXPK $160 -Tranquiliza $160 -vvtKaninor: $150 -DannyPhantom151 $140 -Pixorra $140 Huggle: $100 -C4icephoenix $95


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Part of the Discord Partner family <3