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Rank 1 BDO Arena Player NA - Shoutcaster/Announcer - Former Community Manager for Pearl Abyss - Sellout ||||||| Discord: ArminTF - Business email:


RANK 1 - GEONODE - 700 GIFTED Rank 2 - Xhaboi - 300 Gifted
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If anyone reaches out to you through discord under my name, it is not me. Discord ID: ArminTF is my main ID


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Mouse: Xtrfy MZ1 - RJN Mouse (previously FM UL2/MM 710) Mousepad: Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Monitor: ASUS VG248QE Headset/mic: ask me if ur curious Sens: Currently 800 DPI 47 in bdo (vert and horz) CS:GO - 1280x960 stretched - 1.2 sens

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Nationality: US/Iran Languages: English Farsi Grew up playing FPS games; played Overwatch semi-pro for a few teams, peaking at 4610~SR (Top 20 US). Former Community Manager/Shoutcaster under the MMO Black Desert Online. I now stream full-time while pursuing my studies in web dev. I mostly stream MMO's and will occasionally stream other games if I'm working on my shoutcasting! Age: 21


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Disabled cause my TTS is bugged right now