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Been gaming since the 90's and love it! Playing pretty much a good variety of games as well!

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Hey there, I am a 30 year old Veteran, who loves to game. I am currently playing on XBOX, PS4 and PC. I play a variety of games, mostly with other like minded Veterans/Players. We are mostly joking, laughing, trolling and rolling. Trying to give the best gaming experience to you! :)
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- Rainbow Six Siege - League of Legends - Apex - Sea of Thieves - GTA V, Roleplay, Five M - Scribblio - Among Us - Phasmophobia


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Donations are welcomed, never expected. All donations do go towards making the stream better, and towards paying my lawyer, so I am able to keep fighting to see my daughter! Top Donations!!! $615.00 (Rizi32) $100.00 (LtLickMe) $32.02 (SADSeven63) $20.00 (Studboyluis) $15.00 (TPain22) $12.04 (Steven7493) $5.50 (KingPhantomsX) $5.00 (JCoNet) $5.00 (PandaGaming16105) $5.00 (xThe_Developer)