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Last live yesterday

Hey nice to meet you! Names Shannon :) I usually suck at games but I still play and hopefully improve. VA for Jett in Valorant. Love doggos.



-Respect each other! No personal drama/arguments in chat. -No spamming text or the same comments (emotes are fine hehe) -No NSFW content (PG-13 in chat!) -No false/aggressive accusations about people or companies -No violence, sexual/verbal harassment -NO TELLING SHANNON HOW TO PLAY unless the stream is specifically tagged "Backseat Gaming Allowed" -Please write chat messages in English or Korean so Shannon (and the mods) can understand what's written. Most importantly...Have fun! Hope this can be a fun, safe place for everyone <3


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Any donations to support me and the stream are NOT obligated but greatly appreciated! Please only spend what you can and save your money! Thank you :) $3+ text to speech on stream $1.50 gday mate.. $2 - crying stop don't clip this.. $2.22 finger hearts.. $2.50 Shannon being toxic.. $7.77 Attack on ShannTitan $11.11 scare Shannon.. $25 SING, SHANNON, SING $50 is Shannon an egirl??