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lvl 30, Queer AuDHD artist, here to draw all the cute anime characters! pls be kind to me, i'm not much of a talker, but I will be vibing to the music!

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About Me

Hello everyone! I'm Tomo, I draw anime stuff as a hobby and something of a side hustle. Twitch is new for me, so be gentle pls (_ _) Commission information is on my Kofi page, and requests are not open here (unless stated otherwise)! ***** # Tools / Specs Dell XPS 8940 OS: Win 10 PROCESSOR: Intel i7-10700 CPU 2.90GHz RAM: 16GB SOFTWARE: CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO TABLET: Huion Kamvas 16 Pro MIC: Fifine K670 *Spotify now playing widget overlay is by Aiden Wallis []( *PNGtuber animated with veadomini [](

Social Media

For support of me and my art, or to find me elsewhere check out the links below! [Beacons Page]( ***** [Ko-Fi]( [Twitter]( [Instagram]( [Youtube]( [Pixiv]( [AniList](

Support Me!

Support me and my art/streams over on Kofi! I'll be working to make things like desktop backgrounds, linearts to color, and other digital items that you can buy! Commissions are also taken via Kofi!! It also works as my tip jar, if you want to just spare a few bucks to show support! [Ko-Fi](


I may not check the chat all the time, if I have more focus on my work, so please follow the simple rules! - No link spamming - No requests / free art (unless stated to be a request stream) - I am not taking criticisms of my work, don't do that here - Be respectful, no hateful comments will be tolerated - Just be a respectable person please ****** ## I don't stream on a schedule, it is usually sporadic, sorry about that!