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Wheeled Bonkers Lady. Wife. Content Creator. Freelance Animator and Social Gamer Grill! I play Lucky Calder 🍀 on NPWL. ♿️

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The names Stevie but you're welcome to call me Rusty or if you like Trekkie. A life on the internet means I answer to all. I'm a wheely nerdy lady, I started recording games me and friends played to turn them into entertaining youtube content and really enjoyed it. Now I stream solo variety, art but mostly GTA-RP where I play Lucky Calder. Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 11am GMT, 6am EST, 9pm AEST Any changes will be announced on !discord.
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Send me a tip! <3 While certainly not expected it is certainly appreciated!


(Will slowly be filled out ) Q: Why are you in a wheelchair? A: Why do you wear glasses? Cause you can't see right? Well I can't walk! - I'm not going to share more than that. Q: If you don't like people asking about it why is it on your profile? A: Because I make regular jokes about my life in a wheelchair/with a disability. Without context they would be confusing. I don't mind sharing what is instantly visible if I were to be seen on the street by a stranger. Q: Do you and Lucky have the same disability? A: No.
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RP: - GTA RP NoPixel WL - Lucky Calder - WildRP Red Dead - Millicent Walker Solo Games: - Pokemon Sword/Shield - Animal Crossing - New Horizons - Beat Saber
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Missed a stream? Check here for a VOD!